What do Denver, CO Little Rock, AR and Bern, Switzerland have in common? Pretty much nothing unless you are talking about a band called Dwayne. Comprised of guitarist/vocalist/keyboardist Andy Tanner, (Laymen Terms) vocalist/guitarist Chris Fogal, (Gamits/TaunTaun) drummer Andy Thomas (Only Thunder, Tin Horn Prayer ) and bassist Michael Marti,(The Plus Nomination, Goodbye Fairbanks ) A Band Called Dwayne draws members from all of the aforementioned cities and speak six languages between them. (Note: Both Andys and Chris only speak English)  

A Band Called Dwayne's members are seasoned, world tourists, songwriters and borderline alcoholics who are excited to bring you their mash-up of collective influences.  

While currently geographically isolated from each other, the members will convene in Denver in May of 2014 to take the songs they have been trading back and forth via the internet and record their debut record, play a few shows and, after an eventual tour of Europe, likely disappear back into glorious obscurity.