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What happens when a guy who has the same name as the villain from Die Hard becomes roommates with a punk whose accomplishments include “bouncing around a mosh pit” and finding time to watch every episode of Street Sharks? They form a band, of course! Throw in a surprisingly coherent drummer (he was secretly a college Dean), a songwriting machine bassist with a liberal approach to fashion, manic hardcore tunes, some conspiracy-fueled paranoia, the occasional Harry Belafonte cover, and the result is Hans Gruber and the Die Hards!

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"The Ballad of Burro the Man"

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New Divided Heaven EP

"Cold War Hangover"

Available Now!


Limited to 50 print, designed and printed by GLOBE/MICA.

This a very awesome visual / audio collab that we are very excited about being a part of!

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Los Angeles-based indie band, DIVIDED HEAVEN, fronted by singer-songwriter, Jeff Berman, released their new EP, Cold War Hangover, today via Paper + Plastick Records. The new EP, produced by Charlie Stavish, consists of news songs and acoustic/reworked songs from the band’s recent full-length, Cold War (released by Wiretap Records and Paper + Plastick Records in 2018).

On their first single, ‘The Daughters & the Sons’, Divided Heaven says, “we were inspired by our closest friends who are trying to change the world for the better by raising good kids; by teaching young women to be strong and confident, and instilling in young men to need to be kind and respectful of women. We wanted to echo that sentiment and honor our badass friends and their awesome kids.”

‘The Daughters & the Sons’ can be heard below:

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Westbound Train

Digital bundle includes lyric print!

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In the mid 90's when the new wave of ska broke out of its underground confines, punk bands scrambled for thrift store suits while some ska bands snatched up a distortion pedal from the local pawn shop, other bands like WESTBOUND TRAIN just surfed the wave, never phased by swell or crash, content with who they were and how it defined them among the mad dash for radio airplay. WESTBOUND TRAIN dug in, honed the craft of playing live, listening to dusty grooves from crates, using the old and the new as influences. They kept on writing and kept on progressing as musicians, as a band, as parents, and as songwriters.

Listen to Westbound Train's

"Gutter" HERE!

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”I wrote this song as a reminder to myself that sometimes listening is more effective than speaking and to always love myself enough to pick myself and those around me up when I need to. The beauty of this song is that it's true, I never had a fighting chance. If you look at my story, I wasn't supposed to make it. But in my heart, God is gracious, the world is much more beautiful than it is cruel and it's far more rewarding to love one another through our struggles vs. keeping one another down."

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